Frequently Asked Questions 
"What's the difference between a psychotherapist & other parenting experts?" 
Although you may see other professionals promoting themselves as "experts," it is important to research their credentials and qualifications. What you may find is that these individuals are parents who are simply sharing with you what has worked with their specific child. A psychotherapist on the other hand, has earned full clinical certification & licensure to practice, and has completed a master's level of education and training. A psychotherapist specializes in understanding the physiology of an individual's mind, as well as the psychological complexities of one's own self-perception and their relationship with the outside world.
"Are These Services Right For Me?"
These services are life changing for anyone who has a daughter that is entering into adolescence. The beauty of working with Nikki is that the experience is fully customized to exactly what you and your daughter need at this moment. 

"Does My Daughter Really Need Counseling?
No matter how intelligent, independent or mature a child appears, the reality is that they are ill-equipped to rationally and successfully navigate all that they encounter. Regardless of the severity of the situation you are all experiencing, the benefits of these services at this point in her life are endless. Your daughter will learn to understand, embrace and manage all the intricacies of her own unique self. This knowledge will make her an unstoppable force - a self aware and empowered individual.
"If My Daughter Is In Counseling, How Does That Change My Role?"
It may be a difficult transition for a parent as they allow their daughter to enter into counseling. You may anticipate this feeling of being ostracized from her even more as she divulges her innermost thoughts and feelings to someone else. That is not the case here. You are her parent, and truly the most significant individual in her life right now. It is essential for you to be a part of this journey. Together, we will work on gaining a better understanding of what your daughter is experiencing so that in time, YOU are the person she comes to for support, validation and love. 
"What Can I Expect During Our First Conversation?
Our initial consultation will be an opportunity for you to divulge to me what you are witnessing at home and all that you may be concerned about in regards to both your daughter's well-being and the dynamic that is occurring within the household. It will also provide a chance for you to ask me any questions you may have and to ensure that you feel comfortable with both myself and this process. Together, we will work to establish a plan of action that best suits your daughter's needs. 
"How Do I Explain All Of This To My Daughter?"
During our initial conversation, we will discuss the most appropriate way to introduce the idea of counseling to your daughter. We will work to ensure that she understands that this is a confidential outlet for her to process all that she is feeling, thinking and experiencing. It will be essential that she understands that the focus is on everyone working to create harmony and cohesion within the household so that she feels safe, secure and supported. 
"How Long Will This Process Take?"
The length of this process varies for each child. However, it is customary to see drastic improvement and growth by the end of the third month. The first objective will be for both you and your daughter to gain trust and comfort in our therapeutic relationship. Once that is established, we will work as a cohesive unit to accomplish the goals we have set forth. 
"Do I Really Have Unlimited Access To You?"
For any client who is participating in my program, they will have access to me whenever needed. They can reach out via telephone, video or text and we will make sure to set up a session that same day to discuss issues in real time. This is an integral element of our work together, so that you have in-the-moment assistance to help find resolution and compromise. 
"Are You Going To Force Medication On My Child?"
The focus of our work together will be to equip you and your daughter with the necessary tools to overcome any obstacle that you encounter throughout her adolescence and beyond. Medication is not something that I will recommend, since it is not my area of expertise. If we are witnessing severe symptoms that are having a drastically negative impact on your daughter, we may discuss additional areas of support to ensure that she is receiving the appropriate level of care that she needs and deserves. 
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